4 Reasons You Dont Have a Flat Tummy, and What To Do About It!

Ever wonder what It takes to finally get that flat tummy you’ve always wanted? I compiled this list just for you! I know first hand how frustrating it can be when you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not seeing results. The following 4 common reasons you don’t have a flat stomach are listed below along with their solution.




1.) Your Body Fat Percentage is too high.

This is the most common reason why you still haven’t achievedĀ a flat tummy. The good news? This is also the easiest to fix!

Solution: Slowly lower you calories and maintain a calorie deficit long enough to lower your body fat. Most men find favorable results below 15% body fat, and most women find favorable results below 22%.


2.) You have stomach bloating.

Whether this is from water retention, high sodium intake, digestive illness, or even food intolerance, stomach bloating can be incredibly frustrating to deal with. Even fit people with low body fat deal with bloating.

Source: Emily Skye


Solution: See a physician to determine the underlying cause of your bloating. Don’t give up, many times it takes serious habitual changes and experimenting to get a handle on bloating.


3.) You lack core strength or have poor posture.

These two issues generally come hand in hand. With the proper core strength you should be held in proper postural alignment all day long, but hours and hours of unnatural movements (like sitting, laying down watching tv, hunched over a phone or computer) these can get out of check.


Solution: Increase your core strength with isometric contraction exercises like planks, waiter’s walk, or paloff press. Make concious efforts throughout the day to correct your posture.


4.) You’re an “apple” body shape.

If you have a genetic predisposition to gain and hold soft tissue in the midsection it can be frustrating to achieve a flat tummy.

Solution: Lower your body fat percentage. Unfortunately, you can’t change your genetics, but having a low enough body fat should provide favorable results regardless of this predisposition.


That’s It! For more information on weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and a plan to help you improve your posture and flexibility check out Evolve- The Healthy Lifestyle Transition Plan!