The Best Butt Exercise You Aren’t Doing

In today’s post i’m going to share with you the best butt exercise you aren’t doing… hip thrusts!

The hip thrust is an excellent exercise that targets the glutes and often overcomes the shortcomings of squats by allowing the glutes to perform most of the work. If you aren’t doing them yet, grab a bench and let’s start!


First of all…

Bret Contreras the Ultimate King of Glutes Showing how Creeps Be Hip Thrusting. @

Yes, this exercise looks and feels awkward when you first start. Yes it may look like you’re humping a bar. Let go of your ego and let it happen! If it makes you feel better avoid eye contact so you don’t look like a creep.


Find the right equipment. I like to use a bench or a step ranging from 13-16 inches in height and find that the standard gym bench is a tad too high for my frame. In addition to a step you’ll need a weight of some sort. Of course i prefer a barbell and plates but you can use a kettlebell, dumbbells, and single weight plates while you’re working your way up. If you’re using a barbell you’ll need a foam bar pad (like this “squat pad”) to protect your hips.

Now That You’re set up…

Performing the move is pretty simple. You want to scoot up to the bench with the weight over your hips and your lower scapula touching the bench. Hip hinge pushing through your heels and contracting the glutes. You’ll lock out slightly below what visually looks like “parralel” with hips in full extension. Core should be tight and embraced the entire time and you should never feel this movement in your lower back. You can use the below image for a general idea.

Unlike this image however, i like to look at one stationary point on the wall to ensure i’m not straining my neck during this move.

That’s it! I’ll be posting a more in-depth review of this exercise┬áin the future with common mistakes and ways to correct them so stay tuned!