The Best Diet Friendly Drinks

Do you enjoy sitting back and relaxing with a drink? Whether you’re an occasional drinker or a friday-night-binger you’ll find some of the best diet friendly drinks in today’s post.

Plan Your Night

First and foremost, to reduce your over-all calorie damage you’ve got plan your night before it starts. Setting a limit to the number of drinks you’re going to have and picking some of the diet-friendly cocktails in advance can help keep your damage low. Unchecked drinking (and subsequent eating) can undo weeks of calorie restriction and hard work in the gym.

The number of drinks you have will be completely dependent on your level of tolerance, taste, and calorie allotment. Stick to these beverages below for the greatest success.


Stick to Spirits

All alcohol is calorie dense; so stick to high-proof spirits for the biggest bang for your calorie-buck. This means if you’re getting a drink go for something that is primarily liquor (vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and whisky) with a low-calorie or no-calorie added mixer. This could be diet coke, water, a splash of lime juice, soda water (not tonic water which contains nearly the same sugar/calories as alcohol), cranberry juice, etc. A vodka soda with a splash of lime is only 83 calories per serving.


Light Sweet Wines Over Reds

If you’re a wine drinker your best bet is to stick to light sweet white wines. This includes riesling, moscato, torrontes, muller-thurgau, etc. These sweet white wines contain nearly half the calories of red wines (like pinot noir and sav blanc) while also containing less hangover-enducing tannins. A glass of riesling contains roughly 120 calories.


Minimize Beers or Plan Appropriately

If you’re a beer drinker there are tons of “light” beer options. Unfortunately these often lack the flavor, robustsness, and alcohol content of your favorite brews. Due to the sheer volume of beer (8-12oz portions) the calories are much higher than other (non-mixed) alcoholic drinks. For this reason I personally recommend saving-up calories for the beers you enjoy and drinking them in an appropriate quantity or switching to spirit-based drinks instead.


Avoid Most Mixed Drinks

As stated above these drinks are generally the most calorie dense of all alcoholic beverages. For example a 6oz pina colada can contain as much as 650 calories per serving, a margarita can set you back a whopping 750, and a long-island iced tea a whopping 800 calories! All-in-all unless you have access to lower calorie “light” versions of these drinks it’s better to avoid them altogether; they just aren’t worth the calories they contain.


Reduce Don’t Restrict

If you’re ready for a great night out there’s no reason you have to completely cut out drinking. Selecting a more appropriate alcoholic beverage and preplanning can save you hundreds of calories and hours of hard work in the gym. Hope you guys enjoyed todays post, and happy drinking!