Do your feet tingle after the elliptical?

Have your feet ever gone numb, tingled, or just felt “funny” after using the elliptical? I know mine have!

The elliptical is an excellent device for performing low impact cardiovascular activity. It’s easy to see why it’s loved by most who use it! But when you start to feel numbness and tingling in your feet it can be pretty frightening. If this is something you’re familiar with, i’d like to offer a few suggestions to fix this issue.


  • The most common culprit is…. your shoelaces are tied too tight! I know this seems silly and too simple, but this is almost always the cause of numbness. Next time you hop on the elliptical, try tying your shoelaces tight enough for your shoe to stay on, but loose enough that you can easily move your feet within your shoe.


  • Your shoes are a size too small. Generally we have a good idea of what does and does not fit us, but sometimes you may have a shoe that is too small due to manufacturor errors, inconsistent sizing, or even feet that are in-between sizes. In my opinion, it’s best to find shoes that are comfortable with a little wiggle room! If you can swing it, go up half a size!


  • Your placing your feet improperly on the pedals. It’s important that when you use the elliptical that your entire foot is touching the pad. Downward force should be generated from the entire foot, not just the heels and not just the balls of your feet. If you are placing your feet or applying force improperly, it’s easy to see why you might experience this problem!


If these common solutions don’t work and you continue to experience numbness and tingling while performing cardio, we suggest heading to your doctor to ensure you don’t have an underlying medical condition (such as poor circulation, neuropathy, and more). Don’t worry, most of the time this problem is resolved simply by loosening your laces and wearing proper fitting shoes!