How to get a flat stomach!


Stop wasting your time with crunches and hours and hours of cardio in the gym…. Getting a flat stomach requires effort, but it isn’t too complicated!

The ultimate keys to getting a flat stomach:


  • Eat a slight calorie deficit over a long period of time. Consuming within the recommended 1% or .5% weight loss per week is going to ensure you’re not making negative metabolic adaptations.
  • Perform strength or resistance training regularly. Most notably compound lifts like deadlifts, squats, and overhead press are excellent for activating and stabilizing the core.
  • Perform stabilization exercises and practice good posture. By performing stabilization movements like planks and practicing good posture you’re ensuring your core is working 24/7 to keep you in perfect alignment.
  • Consume Adequate protein intake as you consume a calorie deficit. This combined with a small calorie deficit and the proper training will ensure that you’re minimizing muscle loss as you lose weight.
  • Forget about a goal weight, aim for a goal body fat %! Often for men they must dip down to below 12% body fat for visible abdominal muscles. For women this number may be as high as 22% or as low as 18%.
  • Fix any dietary intolerances or gut issues you may have! If you do not have a high body fat percentage but struggle with stomach bloating, see your physician! You may need to get tested for dietary intolerances or make lifestyle modifications to reduce symptoms.
  • Remember that you cannot spot reduce fat (without a surgical procedure like liposuction). Depending on your body shape and genetics you will gain and lose fat in certain areas first. Some may lose in their stomachs first while others will lose in their stomachs last. Not to worry, once you reach the appropriate body fat percentage this shouldn’t be an issue!
  • Patience! Remember that lowering your body fat percentage takes time and that making small changes to your lifestyle over time is the best way to ensure long-term success.



Don’t waste your time with teas, wraps, pills, and other pseudoscientific scams. You can achieve your goals with consistency and time! For more information on how to set good dietary goals, check out our Evolve- The Healthy Lifestyle Transition Plan.