All About Pop Fitness

Welcome to my blog!

I’ve decided to begin my blog to share the latest scoop on the fitness industry, to dispel some of the most common diet myths, and to share useful products and information to my clients!

Here at PopFitness I focus on a passion for a healthy and active lifestyle as opposed to prestige or unattainable goals. Therefore, you won’t ever see me recommend harsh dieting, overtraining, self hatred/judgement, or actions which don’t positively support our efforts for health and happiness.

I hope to provide you the skills you need to make the mental and physical changes needed for long term success and lifestyle adherence. If there’s ever a topic you’d like to ask me about, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly at for more information.

In addition to fitness and health I may cover lifestyle topics such as: organization, planning, journaling, cleaning and decluttering, maintaining a positive internal and external environment, and certain aspects of minimalism.

It’s my goal to help as many people as possible organize, plan, live, and maintain the healthy lifestyle of their dreams.