The POP Method

In today’s post id like to describe the method behind POP Fitness and why this method is so incredibly effective. Find your passion daily!

So what is the POP (Passion Over Perfection) Method?

The POP Method is finding ways to live your life with passion instead of focusing on perfectionism, prestige, or being “the best”.┬áBy reverse engineering the lifestyle that we want, focusing on daily progress, and self-love practice we can live a healthy lifestyle with a healthy mindset.


Step 1: Determine the life you want to live. This includes all aspects of your life: family life, daily routine, lifestyle, environment, occupation, aesthetics, etc. Get very specific here to determine what you want and let your imagination run wild. Make sure this goal is attainable and realistic; but don’t sell yourself short! You might benefit from making a vision board, writing out a cross journal, or writing out the specific aspects of your life that you’d like to change.

Step 2: Decide what actionable steps you can take right here, right now, to live in alignment with this ideal life. For some this might mean decluttering their entire house, ridding your life of relationships which don’t serve you, changing occupations, changing locations, and more. This part can be scary, but if you’re serious about living your life with passion and fulfillment it is necessary. We often become so comfortable in our routines and lives; even if they are not fulfilling us. Don’t settle for years or a lifetime of complacency; you deserve to achieve your goals and dreams. Don’t let excuses about your age, current circumstances, etc. rob you of your happiness.

Step 3: Set long term and daily goals that you can work towards to achieve this ideal lifestyle. This will be different for everyone, but I personally like to write a cross journal (as above) to remind me that each and every day i’m moving closer to my goals.

Step 4: Feel the fulfillment of working each and every day towards a future life that you want. Learn to accept your current self in the moment, learn to practice mindfulness, and daily gratitude. A gratitude journal may be especially helpful for this. The goal here is to accept that you are worthy of self-love and treating yourself with compassion. Every day is an opportunity to work towards your goals, and once those goals are achieved you will undoubtedly make new goals.

That’s it!

I know these steps seem simple but this is a lifelong process and what we want will change over time. Don’t worry if just one of the steps takes many months, simply try and work towards these goals every single day. Letting go of the idea of perfection, being “the best”, etc. will help relieve the anxiety and stress associated with not “being there yet”. Comparison to others and seeking prestige will re-enforce that you love yourself conditionally.


You can achieve your goals, so go out and do it!