5 Tips to Build a Better Butt…. no squats!


Are you trying to Build a Better Butt?

If you’ve only been doing squats you’ve been missing these key exercises!



First of all it’s important to note that most women i’ve trained want to build their butt. They also have been working in an office, have been sedentary, or spend a lot of time in a sitting position throughout the day. The result? Underactive glutes that don’t completely fire during squats and quadricep dominance.

The fix? Single leg or Unilateral glute work!


These 5 moves will get your glutes firing, fast!


1.) Bulgarian Split Squat – This can be done by adding dumbbells, adding a deficit with both legs elevated, and even on the TRX for stabilization.


2.) Single Leg Deadlift – This can be done with dumbbells for additional resistance, kettlebells, or even a barbell.


3.) Pistol Squats – Beginners can use a counter weight, a TRX, or even elevation until this move can be done through the full range of motion.


4.) Single Leg Glute Bridge – This can be done on a bench or stability ball.


5.) Weighted Step Ups – This can be done on a bench, chair, stairs, etc. Weight can be added for additional resistance.



That’s it! By performing these movements often you’ll be right on track to ensure that your glutes are firing properly. You can perform these right before a heavy squat session or with heavy weights as an addition to your normal leg day routine. Next time you’re in the gym give these a try! You won’t be sorry!