The Healthy Lifestyle Mindset

I recently came across an amazing collection of little doodles by ChiBird which I thought demonstrated the healthy lifestyle mindset I consistently try and share with others. In today’s post I’m going to talk about the “healthy lifestyle mindset” and how you can implement some of these into your daily routine to reach and maintain your goals of a healthy lifestyle. I hope you enjoy.


Life and It’s Challenges Are What Make Everything Worth While

If you’ve set out on a journey to live a healthy lifestyle chances are you’ve got some goals on how you want to look or what you want to have. Often this vision is hazy and doesn’t include the real day-to-day reality of what it will take to live this “dream” life. This is, unfortunately, why so many people never seem to achieve happiness and satisfaction from what they’ve accomplished or how they’re living in the now.

Be proud of each actionable step you take in your day-to-day life to reach your dreams; there is no end date there’s only the right here and now.





Get Clear On The “Why” For Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Chances are if you’ve decided to work towards a goal of living a healthy lifestyle it’s because this goal or vision appeals to you on a much deeper level than the physical. While your conscious mind may stress the desire for aesthetics, fame, prestige, or respect, your underlying desires are often the complete opposite. The subconscious motivation behind your lifestyle often includes the desire for physical health, acceptance, self-love, abundance, opportunity, sharing time with loved ones, and achieving personal fulfillment.

The great news is that you can already appreciate your body and it’s capabilities where you are right now. Each and every day that passes is a new way to nourish your desires for physical health by treating yourself in a loving way.

Small slip-ups and challenges will happen, but the desire to love one’s self entirely will ensure you never fall off the horse for good. It’s hard to give up on healthy eating and exercising when you care deeply for your own well-being.




Learn To Appreciate Each Day, It’s the Only One We Have

It can be hard to focus on how great things are going for us in the here and now when we imagine our dreams and see the contrast of just how far we are from achieving them. Unfortunately, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and this robs us of our happiness in the present.

As they say, moderation in all things! You don’t have to deprive yourself of happiness in the present until you’ve reached some “end goal”. You are deserving regardless of how far you’ve come or what you’ve accomplished.



Learn Your Limits And Stick To Them

It can be so incredibly frustrating to see where we aren’t. This often drives the desire for a quick fix, a fad, guilting self-talk (usually for not being good enough). This rarely succeeds in helping people make sustainable changes. Each and every day you’ll get better at learning your limits, putting in the work, and consistently improving upon them. But this happens gradually over time; not overnight.

Cut yourself some slack and set actionable goals which can reasonably be achieved. Setting unrealistic goals only sets you up for failure and disappointment. As they say in bodybuilding; you’ve got to adapt to change!



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