POP Fitness’ Pick for Christmas Gifts 2016

Are you on the lookout for a gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life?

Or maybe you know someone who is determined to make 2017 the year they reach their goals! Don’t worry, i’ve got you covered!  Buying items like clothing, shoes, and bags can be risky (sizing, color, styles) so i’ve left those off of this year’s list. These are still great ideas, but you’ll need to tailor them to the individual you’re shopping for.

Instead, this list i s a collection of gifts I believe any fitness enthusiast would be more than happy to receive. With options from cheap, middle-range, and expensive, you’ll be able to purchase an awesome gift no matter how limited or grand your budget!

Step Counters

These products can give the average individual a good idea about how active they are throughout the day and without intentional exercise. These can be an excellent reminder to increase our Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis and Metabolic Rate.  My Pick?

Fitbit Zip (Get it on Amazon!)
This little step counter easily clips onto clothing. By quickly tapping the device you can see your daily activity in seconds. While this is not accurate for intentional exercise it can be a great little device to raise awareness and increase your daily activity level. Excellent for beginners!


Jawbone UP MOVE (Get it on Amazon!)
This device tracks steps just like it’s competitors.  Unlike the Fitbit Zip there is no digital interface that displays activity; instead you must use their mobile application for tracking data. While this may be a slight inconvenience this allows the Jawbone Up MOVE to offer up to 6 months of battery life!


P.S. These products can be easily forgotten in the wash, so make sure to keep track of them! While slightly water-resistance neither of these devices is water-proof or intended for use with strenuous exercise.

Self-Myofascial Release Tools

Without a doubt these tools will help with pain, knots, and muscular tightness. SMR also known as “Trigger Point Therapy” is an excellent option for people of all ages and activity levels who experience soreness. These tools provide an excellent self-massage that can be tailored directly to your sore areas; and you control the pressure! Instead of investing hundreds in individual massage sessions, give the gift that keeps on giving this year! My pick?


Ribbed Foam Roller (Get it on Amazon!)

Foam rollers come in many shapes and sizes. My personal favorite is the hollow and ribbed foam roller. These rollers apply the perfect amount of pressure while still maintaining comfort.Ribbed rollers really assist with muscle penetration in the hamstrings, glutes,  gastrocnemius and soleus.


ResultSport® Massage Stick (Get it on Amazon!)

A massage stick is another excellent tool for releasing knots and adhesions; especially on the lower body. Have shin splints? This is the one for you!

Spikey Massage Ball (Get it on Amazon!)

If you’ve got localized pain and tightness, the massage ball is awesome! It applies maximum pressure and can be used by laying against a hard surface (like a wall) or by sitting on it on a hard surface (like tiles or hardwood flooring). These are especially excellent for pain in the upper back/shoulder blades!


P.S. It’s important that you use these tools appropriately. Because these are such effective massage tools they may be slightly painful when first implemented. Don’t worry, soon they’ll feel like heaven! These make the perfect side-kick to Evolve The Lifestyle Transition Plan which has a complete SMR routine!

Bottles and Shakers

Everyone can use a new water bottle to add to their rotation! And protein shakers? They can become smelly and need to be replaced often. These products will help you stay on track and always have a healthy beverage on the go! Don’t forget to hydrate!

YOUR Bottle! by SHO (Get it on Amazon!)

I can’t possibly say enough great things about this water bottle! It keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12! Not to mention it’s 100% BPA & phthalate free, non-toxic and non-leaching! It comes in a variety of colors, is easy to clean, and is all around a bad-ass bottle!



AVOIN Leak-Proof Fruit Infuser (Get it on Amazon!)

This bottle allows you to infuse your favorite fruits and veggies with fresh water! Simply add your choice of infusion fill up with water, and go! Includes clip that attaches to backpacks, sports bags, and more. If you struggle to stay hydrated, this is the product for you!

Blender Bottle Pro Stak

The original blender bottle! What else can I say? The stak even includes a seperate resevour so that you can mix your shake when you’re ready! This is always an excellent gift idea!


Protein Treats

Why not buy a selection of tasty treats that won’t break the calorie bank? These are my favorites, but be creative! If you know the person you’re buying for likes certain flavors, textures, etc.you can certainly find them!

Quest- Protein Bars Best Seller Variety Pack

This product is an excellent option for most people as it includes one of the most popular protein treats and only their most popular flavors. With quest you can always expect a quality product that’s lactose free, high in fiber, and with excellent macros!

Combat Crunch Bars

These are quite possibly the best tasting protein bars on the market! Crunchy, chewy, gooey! A box would be an awesome gift! If you don’t know what flavor to choose, birthday cake is my personal favorite!




Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookies!

Who doesn’t want to eat cookies while watching their diet? I know I do! These vegan, cruelty free, protein cookies taste great and offer a whopping 16 grams of protein each! Try an assorted pack and find your favorite flavor!



Smart Fitness Watches

Unlike the step trackers listed above, these watches come packed full of features! These options are the most high-end on my list, but they last for years and are well-worth the investment! I personally own two of these trackers and could not recommend them enough!


Garmin Forerunner 235

This watch tracks your heart rate through an optical sensor, tracks steps, tracks exercise (including everything from swimming to running to cycling), tracks sleep, displays notifications and messages from your phone,  connects to GPS, estimates your VO2 Max, and more! This watch does it all and most importantly to me, it looks great! I love that this  looks like a nice watch instead of a clunky plastic “activity tracker” and it fits perfectly on my wrist! This watch is water-proof  up to 50m! Make sure to purchase the separate heart rate strap (add-on) for the most accurate calorie burns as the optical heart rate sensor only does well under normal activity and cannot make a good connection when wet.  All in all, this is my personal daily-wear watch!

Garmin fēnix 3 Sapphire HR

This watch has everything the Forerunner 235 has and more! It’s sapphire coating ensures that it’s the most durable watch on the market! With advanced tracking of running dynamics from stride length, cadence, physiological metrics from stress score, lactate threshold, and vertical oscillation ratio. Also available is rowing, golf, paddle-boarding, and other sport-specific metrics. You’ll be ready for the outdoors with GPS navigation, altimeter, barometer, and compass, as well as up-to-date weather information. This watch is water-proof  up to 100m!This watch is for the serious marathoner and professional fitness enthusiast! While this watch looks fantastic on a male wrist (my husband looks great in his!), I find that this watch may be too large for females so that’s something to keep in mind.




Apple Watch 

You’ve seen them and they’re popular for a reason! With optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, speaker, microphone, and excellent OLED retina display you’ll have the hardware to get you there! Unfortunately, this is only “splash resistant” and does not pair with a separate heart rate monitor, so be aware that the optical heart rate sensor will be inaccurate when sweaty or wet. With smart notifications and a host of apps, this is bound to make anyone happy for christmas!



I hope this guide helps you  in picking out the perfect Christmas gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life! Happy holidays!